Thursday, November 25, 2010

My Golf Course Planted Tank: Mole in One

Yes, it's a freakin' golf course in a fishtank. Like most avid (rabid? hah!) aquascapers, I went through a stem plant burn out phase some time ago. Having my fingers turn into prunes from all that constant trimming and replanting have worn me down. However, I wasn't willing to give up on planted tanks just yet. So I hatched this crazy idea of doing a non-substrate dependent planted tank instead. Then I came up with an even crazier idea: why not make a golf course themed tank while I'm at it?! The idea of having rolling carpets of green, whale shaped sand pit, bushes and pine trees and the clear blue horizon in my 15 gallon tank was very appealing...and challenging.

Looking back now, it probably wasn't a good idea considering it was a low tech tank. CO2 injection would have helped loads with getting the marimo moss to carpet properly. Either way, I have uploaded the progression pics for your amusement. Enjoy!

Set Up: Low Tech, 3 wpg (adjusted photoperiod to compensate for high wpg), liquid ferts

Plants List: marimo moss, christmas moss, anachris (early in the set up to help fight algae while waiting for hornwort to come in), hornwort

Livestock: Von Rio tetras (early in the set up), Cardinal Tetras (final stock)


Anonymous said...

awesomeness. how long for the plants to be fully grown?

FishKillerNoMore said...

@Anonymous - actually, this tank has long been scrapped as well. It was an old set up. I thought it looked best at the 5th photo, the hornwort looks exactly like pine trees. They eventually grew soft and leggy on me (last photo), so I scrapped it. Not to worry, I am working on a new tank. Will post videos and pics as soon as it is up and running!

William said...

You could have used hair grass, then cut it with a mini underwater lawn mower :)

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