Saturday, January 1, 2011

Latest Planted Tank - latest progress

Happy New Year everyone!

As promised, here are the photos of the latest progress in my tank. I finally had the time to break the java moss mat into smaller pieces. The rock work has been arranged a bit, though it may change in the future. Also, say hello to my pet dragon. He's the star of this tank, as you may have already noticed.

Right now it is looking a wee bit minimalist (which is a style I absolutely love). However, I don't think my 4 bloodfin tetras like that too much since they enjoy densely planted tanks. What do you guys think? Any suggestions for new tank stock to swap the bloodfins with? Note that this is only a 6 gallon tank, and that I'll be adding some branches and floating plants in the future.

That's it for now. Currently battling brown algae which I am hoping will clear up as soon as the tank settles.


Anonymous said...

Hi FKNM Batlady2 here;

This Dragon Tank is going to be another winner! I hope you use it to display a lovely Betta, I'm partial to bettas so of course I would request that. (grin) but seriously they are the most artistic personable fish out there IMO and a work of art in themselves which fits right in with how I see your vision going in regards to fish tank set ups. I see a Betta with a lot of bright red in him in this one because of the dragon. A lovely double veil tail if you can find him. Petco has some really pretty ones.

When you finish this dragon tank project, if you make a video of it to up load on YT, like you did with your Buddha tank, this time make it a longer one. The Buddha one was so lovely with the music you added to it but I wished it would have been longer. Those of us fish tank obbsessors out here want a full meal not just an appetizer! (grin)

Also, I loved how you used that metaphor "peace meets war". Was lost on some in there but I got it. Betta fighter fish meets peaceful Buddha. Not only was the tank set up excellent but the video presentation of it, itself was creative, artistic, and very well done. IT WAS JUST TO SHORT.

The music really adds to the visuals. Yoga zen like music is the perfect choice.

I can't wait to see this dragon tank when its finished. But take your time. The best art and healthy tanks cannot be rushed.

Your Youtube fish tank fan

P.S.-- If you want some zen like peace and meditation music and art that might inspire you with your projects go to my channel on YT and look up at the right of the screen where you will see 3 play lists by me. These are my music/art slide show vids. Click on the one that is titled "peace and mediation videos by Bat". I think you'll find some inspiration in those music/art vids in that particular play list of mine. They are also good for just helping a person wind down after a long stressful work day.

Kytheria said...

Another beautiful tank. How is it coming along? I would love to see updated pictures! Keep up the good work ;) How many tanks do you have total? What are your Betta's names? :D

Betta Addict said...

I love your projects! In fact, I tried doing the bamboo themed one...LOL! Wish you could post more updates...

Anonymous said...

You don't post very much, do you?

Hedgiemom said...

What type of lighting and background did you use for the dragon tank! It's so bright and beautiful. I would like to do the same on a smaller scale. Where did you get the dragon?

Anonymous said...

WOW!! I love your dragon ornament, i'm currently setting up a betta tank and the would be prfect! Where did you get him?

Heidi said...

Kickass tank. Gouramis would suit the Asian style and I personaly think a troup of Kuli Loaches with their serpantine bodies would tie in well with your dragon. I love Kulis... they are like psychodelic worms :)

Anonymous said...

Would you please let me know where you bought the dragon - I'd love to buy one for my friend. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the dragon??

Sebastian Chokka said...

I want to build that! :P

Brian G. said...

I found one similar, but in a different color. It's here on EBAY: I recommend coating it with krylon clear acrylic lacquer and letting it cure for 7 days before adding to your aquarium. You're Welcome!:)

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